1. WOW Nose picking and dog poop. I can’t wait to go to England! Just kidding! You will probably come home with a British accent, you know> I went to Georgia when I was 15 and came home with a southern accent and everybody was making fun of me. Here’s my add; 18487 SW Annamae Ln Bton 97006 USA Love ya


  2. Just thought you’d want to know that your blog style kicks greg’s in the ass… tell him to step it up immigration blog style! Work is sad w/o you two…


  3. ooh guess what i made yesterday? s’more cupcakes with homemade marshmallows that i used my kitchen torch to roast. there super fabulous, i wish you were here so i could share them with you!


  4. Great blog entry Britt, thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Wow, the Prime Meridian…you might as well head home now ’cause it doesn’t get any cooler than that! Dublin: take the Guiness tour, checkout the Porter House, Sinnott’s, and Copper Face Jack’s (after hours…on second thought, skip Copper Face Jack’s). Nice shopping area near Steven’s Green. If you can bum a ride, Trim castle is a nice doable country drive to the west. I hear the western coast is beautiful too, but Trim castle is as far as I got. As always, take lots of pics! -Paul


  5. AHHHHHH!!! I’ve always wanted to see Avenue Q!! Lucky duck. And I’m so happy that you get to go to Ireland, just like you wanted! But Berlin instead of Paris? C’mon. No, I’m just kidding. I’m sure Berlin is fantastic (Paris is fantastic-er). I miss you and so does Mickey!


  6. I just started reading your blogs, and so far your travels/experiences have been quite fascinating. I am at most jealous and happy for you! I can not wait until I am able to experience England and Ireland as you have been and will over the the summer. Although I have not visited Ireland myself, from the British Isles class I told you about, I would recommend (if you have the time and money) visiting the Aran Islands – a group of three small limestone islands off the coast of County Galway across the shipping lanes to Galway Bay in western Ireland, of which John M. Synge wrote a book about his experiences there in 1904 titled respectively, The Aran Islands – and also the Wicklow mountains, a place of remote beauty and subtlety. I’ll be looking forward to reading the rest of your posts and especially of your time in Ireland, Wan an Brittany!


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