Flying with Comics

I had an hour and a half flight from Oakland to Seattle and granted, it was a short flight but it flew by because I was reading an engrossing comic! I picked up Beast by Marion Churchland published by Image. I should also say that my internship ended there and I moved back to Seattle. … Continue reading Flying with Comics

Constantly Comics

The first comic I read from image was Elephantmen no. 1. They offer the first comic for free. I connected with Ebony (an elephant) right away and admired his trench coat. Elephants are quite handsome in coats. I received Elephantmen TP Vol. 3 the first day of my internship and am stoked to read it. … Continue reading Constantly Comics

Zombies AHH!

Working at Image Comics, familiarizing myself with their comics and graphic novels is just obvious, “Hello…McFly!” So currently I’m reading THE WALKING DEAD BOOK ONE a continuing story of survival horror. It is a graphic novel created by Robert Kirkman. Currently AMC is creating a television series based on The Walking Dead. So far, a … Continue reading Zombies AHH!