Real Feels: Cover Letters Suck

I’ve spent some time yesterday and today writing a cover letter for an editing position with the Huffington Post. At first I was reluctant as my love of writing doesn’t extend to this kind of expression. I think I made a face something like the image above when I saw the option to upload a cover letter. Know that Huff Post doesn’t require one; however, I felt the need to face the challenge head on, and I’ll do what I can for the chance to work for them. Surprisingly, I ended up enjoying the process.

I asked a couple trusted colleagues to look it over because I’ve come to value the impact of editing. And for the love of pete if there’s a typo I would never forgive myself!

Their feedback was kind, helpful, needed, and I took it to heart. So whatever happens, good or bad, at least I put thought into this letter and I can feel proud of it.

If your curiosity is piqued, I’ve included it below:

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